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Meet the Family

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Our Green Change charts one family’s real-life journey from Sydney to Bali to test-drive Green School. But who are they?

From Left to right: Tyron, Taylor & Sandra with their Sydney dog, Hudson & Bali cat, Larry. Photo courtesy of Balinese artist @fennyabrina/

Meet Sandra, TV producer, writer, and all-round procrastinator. She initiated her family’s move to Bali and then started second-guessing herself straight away. “The idea of uprooting our lives to live overseas and the reality were very different. I started getting cold feet as soon as it became real.”

So, did the move live up to her expectations? From learning how to harvest rice to joining a women’s circle, Sandra slowly immersed herself in all Bali had to offer.

Meet Tyron, entrepreneur, go-getter and co-conspirator of Our Green Change. When he heard about a bamboo school in Bali’s jungle, he jumped at the chance of a family adventure abroad. “The challenge for me was figuring out how to run an Australian-based business from overseas - and still have time to embrace Bali and all it has to offer.” It wasn't all smooth sailing for Tyron - with some dangerous mishaps along the way.

Meet Taylor, the youngest participant in Our Green Change (she was nine when they left Sydney). Taylor hates insects and drop-toilets and arrived at a jungle school with a broken leg. “I’d rather lose myself in a good book than the great outdoors.” So, how did she cope at a school with no walls, where learning takes place both inside the classrooms and out?

Together, Sandra, Tyron and Taylor embarked on a road less travelled (but increasingly desired) in search of adventure on the ‘Island of the Gods’. .....

Our Green Change is for anyone who loves travel – especially family-based travel. It’s for people who love Bali and want to learn about the island beyond the stereotypical image of ‘bogans and Bintang’. And it’s for anyone interested in an alternative education model where the love of learning and care for the earth is paramount.

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