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Our Green Change

A Journey to Green School, Bali & Beyond

Sandra Radice

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My Book

Our Green Change

A Journey to Green School, Bali & Beyond

Our Green Change follows Sandra and her family on their quest to go ‘green’ as they relocate from Sydney to Bali. Immersing themselves in Green School's dynamic community, they embark on a road less travelled. But the life Bali has to offer won't necessarily be easy.

With a background of unique festivals, educational insights and environmental awakenings, Our Green Change is a journey of adventure, discovery and learning to bend like bamboo.


My Story - Sandra Radice

Sandra was born in Sydney, where she lives with her husband, Tyron, daughter, Taylor, and their fur baby, Hudson. Her wanderlust for travel was sparked at a young age by her parents’ tales of migrating from Italy to Australia by sea.

She worked as a print journalist in Hong Kong and Australia before moving into TV production as a researcher, producer and writer. TV credits include Compass, Q&A, Selling Houses Australia, Nippers, RBT and The Great Outdoors.

In 2018 she embarked on a green change to Bali to be part of the Green School community. Our Green Change is her first published memoir.

About Green School

Green School is a progressive international school from pre kindergarden to Grade 12 located along Bali’s Ayung River near Abiansemal

Built from bamboo, it was conceived by entrepreneurs John and Cynthia Hardy. Their vision was to create a holistic learning environment that nurtures the whole child and educates for sustainability.

The school opened with 90 students in September 2008. It now caters for approximately 400 students, with additional campuses in New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico. For more information head to

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What Others Are Saying...

"This was a gracefully and reverentially written Memoir brimming with attention to detail and an awe-inspiring story that was an absolute DELIGHT to read about. I relished it and couldn't put it down!"

Read the full review here

Bianca, Book Reviewer - Good Reading Magazine

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